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Julieta and Santiago | Zaka

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

How did you hear about Rescue Dogs and Cats NL?

We found Rescue Dogs and Cats NL through Instagram. We followed several adoption sites on social media, looking for the right organisation. That’s how we chose Rescue Dogs and Cats NL - we liked their approach and we saw that they also rehome rescue animals in Belgium, so we knew we had to work with them.

What was your overall experience like with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL?

Before getting Zaka, we had interviewed with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL for another dog called Batata, who was a lovely older dog also looking for a home. Unfortunately, we got to know soon after the interview that Batata was adopted by his new family. But the whole process was a delight, the interview was very professional and we kept in touch with the team for future opportunities. We felt safe and we knew they took good care of their rescue dogs because of the questions we got asked.

And so…. in comes Zaka! We knew it had to be him! As soon as we saw his photos and videos, we asked for an interview. This time we went fully in, with no doubts.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to those considering adopting?

Don’t overthink, just go for it! We know you’re probably concerned about the additional responsibilities, how the dog will adapt, how will you travel, and many other things. You should know everything vanishes the moment the dog arrives at your home. You just know you made the right decision.

How has your life changed since Zaka joined your family last year?

Zaka has illuminated our lives. He has such a lively, loving, and playful personality. We cannot imagine our lives without him and he comes with us everywhere. Seeing how excited he is to say “Good Morning!” to us each day, watching his personality and his playful side develop more and more, is an experience we can recommend to anyone who is thinking about adopting a dog. Consider adopting a dog. Do it for them, but mostly, do it for yourself, you will love every minute!

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