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Darsana | Bunny

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

What motivated you to adopt a rescue dog?

Early last year, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and welcome a dog into our lives. We have never had a dog before. We looked at various social media pages of adoption shelters all over Europe and decided to go with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL.

What was your overall experience like with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL?

We liked the manner in which available dogs and cats were introduced, with candid notes on their personalities. We were invited to an interview on our lifestyle, our motivation, and our preferences for the kind of dog we were looking to adopt.

The thorough, thoughtful nature of the questions in the interview convinced us that they were very particular about the welfare of the animals and were not looking to hand over a rescue animal without estimating the fit with the family. We came across Bunny's profile a few days after the interview and were instantly charmed, so we applied.

Luckily, the shelter deemed us fit as well and in less than 2 weeks, Bunny was transported from Lithuania into our small city life in the Netherlands. All documentation and vaccination were already taken care of. Bunny arrived calm and curious, in the wee hours of the morning, via pet transport. He took a few days to sniff and familiarise himself with our apartment and the surroundings and soon settled into our family life.

How has your life changed since Bunny joined your family?

From multiple walks a day, weekend trips to the park and the pet store, occasional trips to the vet and the groomer, and picking up poop, life with Bunny has been eventful. Despite his advanced age (13+ years old), he is in good shape. He had severe tooth problems that led to a few stressful days for us. But once that was taken care of, life returned to normal.

Bunny is the apple of our eye. I personally need to cuddle him after every couple of hours of work. Our families in India can't wait to visit us so they can meet him. We are so happy to be giving Bunny a loving, peaceful home at this stage of his life. We hope he will spend the rest of his days in great comfort with us. Many thanks again to Rescue Dogs and Cats NL for making this happen!

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