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Fred and Madelena | Berry

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

What was your overall experience like with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL?

We had a very good experience with the team at Rescue Dogs and Cats NL! The team was very easy to contact throughout the process, we could ask any question and they would answer with information that was available to them. The interview process also seemed very good from our perspective – professional and quick-moving!

What motivated you both to adopt a rescue dog?

We’re strong believers in ‘adopt, don’t shop’.

How has your life changed since Berry joined your family?

Having Berry in our life has been the best, she’s our little companion. We love to watch her grow and see her get less shy every day. We also love to see the things she gets up to as she comes out of her shell to play! She is a curious doggie and very food-motivated, which leads to some funny situations - we laugh every day.

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