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Jennifer | Bowie

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

What motivated you both to adopt a rescue dog?

My mum is a vet and I grew up in a house full of animals. After I left my parents’ home, I decided not to have a pet because I was studying at the time with a busy social life, so I wouldn’t have had enough time to be a good dog mum.

Despite this, I always kept this in mind after I graduated as I knew I would get my dream dog once I have a stable job and a nice home. This happened at the beginning of 2021, and Bowie is so much more than my dream dog - he is truly the love of my life!

How has your life changed since Bowie joined your family?

Bowie and I were an instant perfect match from the very first second we saw each other! Bowie is a very loving, happy, and playful dog.

He is perfect to me and he makes me want to be perfect to him as well! He brings me so much joy and love that is even difficult to put in words!

Also, he makes me more active and stimulates my social life. Bowie goes with me everywhere and, because he is so adorable, everyone wants to pet him and so they also talk with me!

What was your overall experience like with Rescue Dogs and Cats NL?

The communications and adoption process went very smoothly and the team is friendly. I already recommended the group to many of my friends and I intend to keep doing it.

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