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Hi, I'm Šnekorius!

Looking for a furry friend who craves affection and loves to cuddle? Meet Šnekorius, a 3-year-old gentle giant with a heartwarming personality. He arrived at our shelter two months ago after being caught outdoors for neutering, and it's been clear ever since that he's meant to be with people. Šnekorius adores being petted and isn't afraid to ask for it through gentle meows and by nuzzling up to people's hands.

Despite spending his entire life outdoors, he's a calm and non-dominant cat who gets along well with other animals. While he currently prefers the safety of his cage, he shows no aggression when approached by other animals. As a former stray, Šnekorius is still getting used to being picked up and held, but workers at the shelter are currently working on making him more comfortable with it. We are sure that this gentle giant would open up even more in a loving and caring household.

Age: 2+ years old

Gender: Male

Character: Social

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 01/09/2023

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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