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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, I'm Charlie!

Meet Charlie, a big beautiful cuddly fluff of 7 years!

Charlie is super friendly to people and is always one of the first cats to come and greet the visitors. He loves to be petted and is quick to roll on his back and show his adorable belly. Despite his age he is very playful and can chase a toy like he is a kitten. Whoever will adopt this adorable nugget will surely build a strong bond with him and no cat will be as sweet as Charlie.

Charlie has been tested with a FIV, but is in good health at the moment. Even though it’s a scary-sounding condition, with the care he needs, Charlie can live a long, happy and healthy life. Charlie can live in a home only with other FIV+ cats due to the virus. Charlie also has to be an indoor cat.

Age: 7+ years old

Gender: Male

Character: Social

Location: Fostered in Amsterdam

In shelter since: 01/09/2021

Known diseases: FIV+

Comments: can be adopted by a family with no other felines, or families with other FIV+ cats; indoor cat only


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