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Adopter Wanted

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Hi! My name is Charly.

Do you like cuddles? Charly definitely does!

Charly is a big, intelligent, healthy (virus tests were negative, he is neutered and vaccinated) five-year-old boy. He is mostly calm, sometimes more playful. This guy uses the litter box, however he needs a big closed one, otherwise some unsolicited brown deco can fall outside.

Charly can also be called a lap cat - even though he is not used to being loved, can get scared at first, you can see in the video in the comments how he meets the woman for the first time and lets her hold him!

Charly is also:

Friendly with kids;

Friendly with cats (especially his friend Barny), can be a little dominant with some cats, but not aggressive.

He hasn't met dogs yet; could possibly make friends.

Charly had a family but he was seen roaming frequently outside alone and hungry... Last winter his family was keeping him in bad conditions: alone closed in a basement with only some food and a litterbox so Charly was taken to the shelter to find him a better place to live.

If you could offer this adorable boy a home he deserves - contact us! Charly is waiting!

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Male

Character: Calm, friendly and cuddly

Location: Lithuania

Known diseases: no


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