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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, we are Duke and Colin!

Meet two brothers - Duke and Colin, who are almost 2 years old and have spent most of their lives waiting for their forever home.

Duke (white with a dark “hat”) is a real aristoCAT - he doesn’t like to be touched yet and is not into too much interaction, he wants his human servants to give him food and clean his litterbox.

Colin (fluffy one) is more affectionate - he likes when humans pet his back and belly, he enjoys sleeping near humans. If you pet other cat he will come and “say”: “hey, don’t forget to pet me too”!

These brothers can live with other cats - especially Duke who loves playtime with other kitties! They can possibly live with cat-friendly dogs too. As for kids - we suggest not with small children in the house as the playful boys could unintentionally use their nails while play.

Age: almost 2 years old

Gender: both male

Character: Duke is still shy, while Colin is affectionate and loves human attention

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 27/10/2022

Known diseases: no

Comments: Ideally we'd love them to be adopted together as they have very good bond

Duke & Colin

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