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Hi, we're Elsa and Timmy!

Elsa (black and white) and Timmy (tabby) are not related but they behave like mom and son. Both were found at different times in the yards of apartment buildings. Timmy arrived at 2 months old with his mom and siblings. They all found homes and soon only Timmy was left, as he was the shyest kitten and it was too difficult to spot him because he was always hiding behind other cats or sitting on top of the cages.e

In May 2022, a pregnant Elsa came to the shelter. All her kittens found homes but she remained at the shelter.

Timmy is an active, playful boy but very shy. While Elsa is a calm, gentle cat, that loves being pet.

Why do we want a home for them together you may ask? Timmy tried living alone in a foster's home but was crying a lot so we brought him back to the shelter, where he found a true friend in Elsa, who treats him like her kitten. She adopted him and they have been inseparable ever since.

We surely know it might be difficult to find a home for a pair of cats. Elsa could be well by herself, but Timmy couldn't. That is why we want to try and find them one true loving home together!

Age: Elsa is 3+ and Timmy is 1+ years old

Gender: Female & Male

Character: Both social & shy

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 01/03/2022

Known diseases: no

Comments: no

Elsa and Timmy

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