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Meet Guinness!

Last autumn an angry lady called the shelter, telling, that somebody left 6 cats in her yard.  The shelter took them all, and all of them already found their home, except Guinness…

Guinness was the shyest of the family at first, however after a few months he became very talkative  and now wants to interact with humans more and more!
Guinness currently lives in his own cage in the same room as Poffertje. For a boy who eagerly craves for human interaction we understand this is not the best set-up, however considering he is still young in age + limited space in the shelter, having his own cage allows the shelter to monitor his health closely while he builds up stronger immune system.

Most of the time Guinness enjoys lounging on his hammock. But whenever he senses people approaching his cage, he would meow out loud demanding for pets.  As a young kitty he is very playful, and just some belly scratches would make him so happy. He is also friendly to everyone who gives him a good head stroke. Despite not used to sharing a 'space' with another cat he is doing fine with other kitties - even for the ones who try to sneak in his cage and steal his food.

We believe Guinness will thrive in a household where he gets the attention and playtime he deserves, and we can't wait to see the day he moves out of his cage!

Age: 1 year old
Gender: Male
Character: Vocal, attention seeking
Location: Lithuania
Time arrived at shelter: autumn 2023
Known diseases: no
Comments: no


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