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Hi! I am Kipsas!

Meet Kipsas, a gorgeous one-year-old kitten with a wholesome personality that matches his charming looks. Despite his young age, Kipsas is already a well-mannered and independent young cat who enjoys spending time alone but truly comes alive when given attention. Kipsas is an active and playful kitten who loves to engage in games, but at the shelter, he tends to be more reserved, possibly due to being surrounded by many other cats. This shy demeanor quickly fades when he receives love and care, revealing his true colors and affectionate nature.

Kipsas would thrive in a more private environment where he could receive the attention he deserves from caring owners. He could also benefit from the company of another friendly cat or dog, as he is not a dominant or aggressive cat. By adopting Kipsas, you will not only be gaining a loving and loyal companion but also providing him with the perfect home he deserves.

Age: 11 months old

Gender: Male

Character: Social and playful

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 2024

Known diseases: no

Comments: Kipsas will thrive in a calmer household without constant loud noises and sudden movements


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