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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, I'm Kleksa!

Kleksa is a unique looking cat - the white and black coat patterns remind of 'yin and yang' (she even has a little dot near her nose!)  But that's not it - she has a cute short tail!

Kleksa is about 5 years old and spent most of her life at the shelter, patiently waiting for hooman she could call her own. Other kitties in her room arrived and left to their forever loving homes, but Kleksa still there, waiting  She is a gentle, quiet cat, shy with people she doesn't know - this probably was a reason noone noticed her. But we believe that the right person will come along and will give her the love and care she deserves  and with abit of patience and understanding this kitty will blossom.

We will let you into a secret - food is the way to Kleksa's heart. Get in touch to rescue this little girl and she will rescue you, by giving you companionship and love that only cat can give

Age: 5+ years old

Gender: Female

Character: Social

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 26/04/2021

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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