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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, I'm Kleo!

Meet Kleo, a dashing young lad with captivating green eyes and the most impressively long whiskers:)

Kleo's story began in the heart of a forest when a kind-hearted woman out for a walk with her dog discovered him. Sadly, at the time of his rescue, Kleo found himself immobilized in his hind legs, and the exact cause of this condition remained a mystery. With dedicated care and rehabilitation, Kleo made a remarkable recovery, regaining full use of his back legs!

Today, Kleo can stroll, leap, and dash about with enthusiasm! While his movements may still bear a touch of clumsiness, preventing him from leaping onto lofty surfaces, it doesn't dampen his spirit for play and exploration. Kleo is an inquisitive, cheerful, playful, and sociable feline, ready to brighten your days.

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Male

Character: Social

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 27/05/2022

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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