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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, I'm Lince!

Want to help a lovely, well-deserved girl to have her best life? Meet Lince, who is in search of a loving home!

Lince came into the shelter’s care after being found as a stray cat. Lince didn’t have a home and was simply trying to survive in the streets.

Lince is about 3 years old and is a very calm kitty with gentle nature. She likes observing her surroundings and avoids being in the centre of the action. However, she does want human love. Lince is just on a shyer side and is not always so brave in making the first step herself, but she appreciates when someone gives her attention.

We believe that once familiar with a new home setting, Lince will be a great companion and will finally be able to open up a bit more!

Age: 3+ years old

Gender: Female

Character: Shy

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 01/09/2021

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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