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Adopter Wanted

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Hi! My name is Mėta and you can also call me Mint!

The kitty with big ears, sad eyes, and loving heart -Mėta is about 6 years old and her name means 'Mint' in Lithuanian.

Mėta was found roaming outside in the village alone in bad condition - infected painful ears and millions of fleas visible jumping in the fur. Luckily Mėta is now getting better - all virus tests are negative, fleas are gone, and she is learning to live without ear pain.

In reality she looks bigger than in the photos.

Mėta is calm, cute, soft, a little shy, because she’s not used to being loved yet, however she lets volunteers pet her.

Mėta prefers to be without other cats now, maybe she could make friends with other calm pets.

Age: 6 years old

Gender: Female

Character: Calm & Shy

Location: Lithuania

Known diseases: no

Comments: no

Mėta (aka. Mint)

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