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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, I'm Maziuks!

Maziuks (Little one) had a tough start in life. He was taken into the shelter at only 4 months old, where he got the care he needed. Maziuks now is a young boy - he is full of fun, excitement and has so much love for people! As any teenager he is full of cattitude and innocent mischief, which will keep you both entertained. Cats are known to dislike water, well - not this one! His new favourite activity is playing with water:) Maziuks is truly an extraordinary cat! In return for your love and care you will be rewarded with rubs, cuddles and endless purr.

Despite having an amazing personality, Maziuks been looking for home since he was found. This is your opportunity to adopt adorable kitty and change his world, so despite a hard start the rest of his life could be filled with love and care.

We wrote how Maziuks was diagnosed with feline conjunctivitis (herpes) - he is feeling fine now! The name is the only scary part of the diagnosis - up to 90% of cats can be carriers of it and it’s not something that is life limiting, some cases it never ‘surfaces’. Only thing to be aware of, if it flares up you might need to wipe round Maziuks’ eyes or use eye drops for a few days. Good life quality (i.e. food, stress-free environment - we call it loving home ) is the best thing for minimising these flare-ups. To be on a very safe side, we’d recommend he was the only cat in the house, but if you have other cats and absolutely fell in love with Maziuks (who wouldn’t?!), check with your vet.

Age: 1+ year old

Gender: Male

Character: Social

Location: fostered in Eindhoven, NL

In shelter since: 01/11/2022

Known diseases: Feline Conjunctivitis (herpes)

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