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Adopter Wanted

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Hi, we are Mere and Simba!

Looking for 2 cats to keep you company? Let us introduce you to the sisters Mere and Simba. Both are very calm and mature cats. Mere is affectionate and Simba is affectionate until she sees you with her favorite food, you better give it to her. For real, Simba is crazy about food. If you pet Mere too much, Simba will punch you to pay attention to her too. While Mere is a kind cat, Simba sometimes could be such a drama queen, we believe, like the most of the cats, no?Both sisters are truly bonded and we are looking for a home for them to stay together.

Mere and Simba arrived to the shelter from an elderly woman who kept 7 cats at home. Other 5 cats found home, except for these cute ladies of around 6 years old.

Age: 6+ years old

Gender: Female

Character: Social

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 16/01/2023

Known diseases: no

Comments: no

Mere and Simba

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