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Adopter Wanted

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Meet Murze, the shy beauty!

Murze is only 2 years old. Her fur is a stunning blend of colors. Her eyes, large and expressive, reflect a gentle curiosity.

Murze was abandoned right next to the local cat caregiver's door. She was still very young at the time, screaming day and night, being so stressed at a new unfamiliar place.

The lady took Murze in and looked for a home, but she was so shy that nobody wanted her... Now she's much more affectionate to her main human, although she can still be a little skittish! With the right amount of love and socialization, Murze could be the perfect, albeit slightly shy, home cat!

Life can be cruel and unpredictable to all of us sometimes! Murze’s caregiver with an extremely big heart, has been looking after feral and abandoned cats for years. She was one of the first to push the municipality to fund the TNR programme, established a local cat feeding site, personally took hundreds of cats to be spayed, saved uncountable numbers of sick and abandoned cats and kittens, and fed them all every day! Including taking in 9 cats into her own warm household to live a happy kitty life.

However, the caregiver recently suffered a stroke. While hoping for the best, after long rehabilitation it became clear that she won't be able to get back to her cats and take care of them properly. So the many lovely furballs are looking for new forever homes!

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Character: Shy

Location: Lithuania

Time arrived to shelter: 2022

Known disease: No

Comment: No


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