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Adopter Wanted

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We are looking for home for this sweet but sad girl as she longs to find a forever home.

One photo can tell more than a hundred words. Odre is a sweet girl, but her sad eyes tell us a story of betrayal and longing for love. People who brought Odre to the shelter told that Odre is no longer wanted and volunteers can do whatever they want with her.

Odre is a young - just over one year old - kitty, good natured, loving. Gets on with other cats, but is a bit shy - she's having a hard time to show her true beautiful colours while surrounded by many other cats at the shelter. Odre would blossom in the loving home. If you think you can be her furever friend, please get in touch.❤️

Age: 1 and half year old

Gender: Female

Character: Friendly and sweet

Location: Lithuania

Time arrived to shelter: Oct 2023

Known disease: No

Comments: No


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