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Hi, I'm Pliuskis!

Pliuskis is a cat with all of the original documents but unlike many cats in loving homes and peaceful lives, he has had a journey not even many of us could recover from. But hopefully it will be possible for Pliuskis to receive yet another chance, and his story will have a happy ending we can only wish for. After all, Christmas is the time for miracles.

Although, off to a rough start Pliuskis is now entering his senior years at – 7 years old and deserves a home where he could live out his retirement by being the light in somebody‘s eyes, we are confident and now can say he is able to be that for someone.

Four years ago Pluskis was re-born when taken in by a foster family who wanted to start a journey of healing with him at whatever cost necessary. This particular cat has a history of being physically and mentally abused his whole life. Unwanted, unloved and constantly thrown into different homes, if you could call them that. He survived, but at what cost? As any pet owner could imagine, a neglected animal turns into just that – an animal. Pliuskis took a turn for the worst, his past formed him to become very physically aggressive towards other pets and later on even towards people.

Before the foster family his last guardian was an old lady with diabetes who was kind and caring. But as you can imagine by the time he reached a safe place, he was severely damaged. He was uncontrollable and the elderly lady was no match for his aggressive temper. Pliuskis constantly attacked the lady, biting and scratching her arms, legs. Nobody could come visit her because they could not enter the apartment without getting hurt. She lived in constant fear and the cat was no match for her. It became an unbearable life and the decision was made to put him down. But before that, they gave a last chance and posted his story. Looking if anybody would be willing to save him before they took him to the vet.

That was when the first miracle happened. The foster family saw the post on social media without any hesitation hastened to pick up Pluskis. This despite an already full house with pets, some of them with the same backstory like Pliuskis, but none damaged beyond repair. Everybody was given the equal chance to heal and learn to trust again, and Pliuskis wasn’t going to be any different, no matter how difficult.

In a loving and understanding family with time Pluskis’ mental state slowly improved. As of today, he completely trusts people and has zero aggression towards humans. He is the best cuddle buddy you could ever ask for. But unfortunately, Pliuskis is still not able to restore his connection with other animals. Past trauma brings out his aggression and not a single other pet can come near him. Which makes his and other pets' life in a household with 7 dogs and cats extremely complicated.

Pliuskis has his own private room where he lives completely alone with everything necessary for his well being. But as you can imagine, he gets quite lonely and he is not able to receive as much attention from humans as he would like. Fun fact, Pliuskis loves the outdoors. During the summer, once in a while when other pets are securely closed in the house he can run around in the grass and enjoy the sunshine.

Coming back to the miracle we are hoping for, you might have already guessed it – a new, loving home for Pliuskis without any other pets in the household.

Pliuskis is a neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and absolutely healthy with no chronic diseases.

If you aren‘t crying reading this story already, we have a surprise for you. Pliuskis was born with the albino gene. He was born deaf. Previous owners called it his main flaw and shortcoming, but we say that it makes him even more special and doesn‘t get in his way of living a long and happy life.

Please, give Pliuskis one final chance to find his forever home, so that in a couple of months we can post all the pictures of him snuggled up, loved, comfortable and turning all the „not everybody can be saved“ phrases to „look at me“.

Age: 7+ years old

Gender: Male

Character: can be agressive towards other pets

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 01/12/2019

Known diseases: deaf

Comments: no


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