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Adopter Wanted

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Say hello to Poffertje!

This young beautiful ginger is around 2 years old. He’s neutered, vaccinated and healthy.

Poffertje likes to occupy the cat tree right next to the cat room entrance so to greet everyone who walks into the room.  Though he enjoys pets, he does not eagerly seek for human attention, instead just quietly waits for his turn. He is friendly to other cats but most of the time prefers lodging on the cat tree by himself. We think Poffertje is a bit overwhelmed with so many roommates in the shelter and would thrive having a home of his own.

Poffertje enjoys head and chin scratches. He doesn't meow nor use his paws to tell you how he wants to be scratched - he just moves his head to guide you to his favorite spots. Poffertje also can be picked up - though he is big in size he is the most gentle ginger you could meet. By how he purrs in our volunteer's arms we think he would be a very affectionate kitty to his hooman.

We don’t understand how this good, gentle, loving, soft boy is living in the shelter instead of a loving home? Our volunteer might even get jealous to the new owner when he gets adopted.

Age: around 2 years old

Gender: Male

Character: Gentle and friendly

Location: Lithuania

Time arrived to shelter: Spring 2024

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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