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Adopter Wanted

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Hi! My name is Richy.

Meet this special ray of sunshine - Richy!

This boy is 3 years old. He’s gentle, playful, gets along with other cats very well, lets humans pet him, only that he doesn’t like to be held yet.

Richy has lost vision in one eye and has partial vision in another eye. His eye infection was treated in foster care, where he got better really fast. His virus tests were negative and he has received all necessary vaccinations recently.

Richy was found and taken from the place outside where he was living with another 30 cats. As you can imagine the cats were not being properly taken care of. He was probably a house cat before but we can't tell for sure, but we do know that now he is learning to live indoors again and be loved and pampered. He just needs a family to be happy and make them happy too, like a little ray of sunshine!

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Male

Character: Friendly and social

Location: Lithuania

Diseases: No disease, but he lost vision of one eye and holds partial vision of another eye. That's doesn't stop him to be a happy ginger boy!

Comments: Friendly with other cats. Eyes treatments are all done and fully vaccinated to be adopted.


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