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Adopter Wanted

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Hi! My name is Sigulda.

Meet Sigulda - the colorful ‘biscuit maker’ who totally deserves real home after spending almost 2 years in the shelter.

This kitty has not yet shown her true personality as she is a little stressed in the shelter conditions - so many cats and so little space. She is shy but curious, calm and gentle, food motivated. She doesn’t want to be petted yet and will take her time when meeting new people.

Sigulda is:

Friendly to other cats

Can live with calm and friendly dogs

Possibly live with family with kids as long as the kids are gentle and calm around animals

Sigulda is almost 4 years old. Her hobbies are chilling on the terrace on a sunny day and ‘making biscuits’ with her cute paws! We hope this biscuit maestro will be making her very own biscuits for her very own family soon!

Age: almost 4 years old

Gender: Female

Character: Shy

Location: Lithuania

Time arrived to shelter: 01/10/2022

Known diseases: no

Comments: Food motivated


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