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Hi, I'm Tauras!

Tauras is an extraordinary rescue cat who has patiently awaited his forever home for over two years. With his unique blend of charm, playfulness, and a hint of naughtiness, Tauras is eager to capture your attention and become your lifelong companion.

While Tauras is officially listed as 5 years old, his wise and knowing eyes give him an air of wisdom beyond his years and he might be slightly older than his documents tell. His mature appearance only adds to his undeniable charm, making him a cat with a story to tell. Embrace the beauty of his age and let him bring a touch of mystery to your home. It's important to be aware that Tauras can display a touch of attitude from time to time. Occasionally, he may bite or scratch, which could be attributed to shelter stress or simply a unique aspect of his personality. However, with patience, understanding, and a calm approach, you can help Tauras navigate any challenges and bring out the best in him.

If you're an experienced cat owner who understands the value of trust and unconditional love, Tauras might be the perfect match for you. Together, you can embark on a journey of companionship, filled with moments of joy, growth, and shared adventures. By opening your heart and home to Tauras, you'll not only change his life forever but also discover a kindred spirit who will bring endless love and happiness into your world:)

Tauras has been tested with a FIV, but is in good health at the moment. Even though it’s a scary-sounding condition, with the care he needs, Tauras can live a long, happy and healthy life. Tauras can live in a home only with other FIV+ cats due to the virus. He also has to be an indoor cat.

Age: 5+ years old

Gender: Male

Character: Social

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 01/04/2021

Known diseases: FIV+

Comments: can be adopted as only cat (unless your resident cat is FIV+); indoors only; better no small children


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