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Hi, I'm Taya!

On 26th of January Taya celebrated one year anniversary in the shelter. Celebrated? Shelter is stressful for most cats, but at least Taya is not fighting for her survival outside on the streets: begging for food or sleeping in the cold. But how wonderful it would be if next year she could celebrate her one year anniversary in a loving home?

Taya is about 3 years old, used to live with other cats, but kids and dogs are unknown. She can be the sweetest girl with the humans she already knows, new people she finds scary and will shy away from them. Therefore it is better for her to have a calmer home with enough space to retreat If there are multiple visitors in a house.

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Female

Character: Shy

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 26/01/2023

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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