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Hi, we are Troja (tricolor) and Falafel (grey/white tabby)!

Having one friend is wonderful, but having two of them is absolutely endearing! Two lovely cats named Troja and Falafel are looking for kind people who could give them a life they deserve. Troja and Falafel have found company and comfort in each other. Now we hope that someone will find companionship in them.

Troja is adventurous and brave, while Falafel is more of a calm and sleepy kind of cat. Troja is eager to get human attention while Falafel is still shy and is just learning to trust humans. They are like fire and water, like the sun and the moon making human life complete.

Falafel’s life so far has been filled with hardship. Living outside, barely keeping himself alive, luckily he was rescued last October. But life in the shelter is stressful as it is full of other cats, comings and goings of strangers, and filled with continuous noise of barking dogs. Falafel is at the moment around three years old and has his whole life ahead of him. We hope he can find a calm home where he can feel safe and loved.

Cutie Troja is more of a social go-getter, however due to her past she might get scared of sudden and unexpected noises or movement. She is keen to receive human attention and cuddles but is not yet ready to be picked up or be a lap cat. However we believe that with humans who she can learn to trust she might become the perfect cuddle bug. She has been in the shelter for almost a year and will be celebrating her second birthday on the first of May.

Age: Troja 2 years old; Falafel 4+ years old

Gender: Troja - female; Falafel - male

Character: Troja social; Falafel calm and shy

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: both since summer 2023

Known diseases: no

Comments: no

Troja & Falafel

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