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Hi, I'm Vesa!

Let us introduce you to Vesa, a 3 years old stunning feline with the most mesmerising green eyes you've ever seen!

Vesa came into the shelter over a year ago. At first she was scared even of a human gaze. It would take her one look to run and hide. Miraculously, despite the busy shelter environment and the short moments she gets to interact with humans there, she has undergone a remarkable transformation. She's now an affectionate kitty who seeks attention and cuddles!

It's truly heartwarming to witness the power of compassion and see how Vesa's stunning green eyes now sparkle with joy and gratitude.  Let's help find Vesa her forever home and show the world the incredible love and companionship that shelter cats like her can bring into our lives.

Age: 3+ years old

Gender: Female

Character: Affectionate

Location: Lithuania

In shelter since: 19/09/2022

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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