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About us

Rescue Dogs and Cats NL is run entirely through volunteer work. Based in the Netherlands, we work in collaboration with several animal shelters in Lithuania, helping to adopt and rehome rescue dogs and cats to the Netherlands and allowing them to experience the love, kindness and safety that they deserve. 

Rescue Dogs and Cats NL  was founded in 2020 by Julija and Ramune, two animal lovers who always had a desire to help homeless animals. The initiative quickly grew to a group of more than 20 people working voluntarily in re-homing rescues from Lithuania to The Netherlands, Belgium and some other countries. 


In Lithuania the number of abandoned dogs and cats is very large. There are plenty of shelters that are doing a great job to help them to survive and doing their best to find them home. We truly feel heartbroken knowing that there are so many animals suffering from different sorts of abuse and neglect. Therefore, this project is our way to contribute to the wellbeing of rescue dogs and cats. 

The goal of this website is to tell you more about dogs and cats in need and to facilitate their adoption and rehoming to The Netherlands. If you are looking to adopt, you will have to fill out the application form, your answers are an important part of helping us to be sure that the pet is a good match for you, your family and your lifestyle. We will provide you with all the information about the pet, his or her life story, character, behavior and other things you need to know.

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, please read “OUR ADOPTION PROCESS” document posted in our Adoptions page and fill out the application form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at



Rescue Dogs And Cats NL

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