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Adopter/Foster Wanted

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Hi, I'm Dikisdokis!

Though Dikisdokis looks shy and sad in the pictures, he is actually a joyful and playful doggo of about 6 years. (The pictures were taken on the second day after arriving at the shelter).

Dikisdokis came to the shelter because his owner had passed away and nobody could take care of him. Dikisdokis finds it particularly hard to spend days alone in the shelter as he is very social and just looooves human attention. He greets everyone who comes to his kennel with enthusiastic jumps and little happy circles. Outside he is curious, but pays attention to the human. Also is happy to stop for a play with a toy or some cuddles.

Besides his cheerful character he turns out to be really smart. Although he is not trained he picks up new commands quickly and seems to be eager to learn.

Dikisdokis would fit best with an active family who would like to invest in him by providing physical and mental stimulation. As he is a large and high energy dog, regular walks are a must. He can live with other friendly dogs (a cat test will be done in the near future). He probably would love to live with children if his size and enthusiastic character is taken into consideration.

Age: 6+ years old

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Weight: -

Location: Lithuania

Known diseases: no

Comments: no


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